What You Might Miss When Doing Easy Chinese Recipes?

There are so many different easy Chinese recipes out there on the internet. In fact, they may surprise you! You may be wondering what makes an easy Chinese recipe good or bad. The following list contains some of the best easy, Chinese recipes you can make.

Yes, there are certainly some recipes that call for you to marinate a duck overnight in advance, but these types of quick meal recipes are not mentioned here, we can skip that part. Instead, this is a list of twelve of the easiest Chinese recipes you can make in about thirty minutes. Some of them are even known as quick appetizers!

Chicken With Bean Sauce

Just like any other meat dish, it should not be marinated for very long. However, if it is going to be a starter, then it will be fine. Chicken with bean sauce can be used to warm up your lunch at work or school and it’s a great side dish to the main dish.

What You Might Miss When Doing Easy Chinese Recipes?

BBQ Beef and Broccoli

If you are looking for something different, consider making some bbq beef and broccoli. It doesn’t take much to pull this one off, especially if you have a steamer. You can marinate it overnight or use the extra marinading liquid that you have from the marinating of the vegetables.

Chicken and Pea Stew

These are some of the most popular and easy chicken recipes. In fact, many people make their own at home by simmering some peas, some carrots and some onions in water until the onions are almost soft and you’ll want to boil them down a little bit before you add your chicken. It will help if you cook the vegetables the night before you cook the chicken. If you’ve ever made a chicken dish with black beans, then this is really close.

Fried Rice

These can be really fun to make especially if you make them the night before. Just marinate the rice in soy sauce overnight and let it cook while the rice cooker heats up. You can also make the rice slightly undercooked by placing some in a microwave for about ten seconds and stirring. and the next day serve it up in bowls.

What You Might Miss When Doing Easy Chinese Recipes?

Fried Chicken and Sesame Oil

If you have never made Chinese food and don’t know where to start, try the Fried Chicken and Sesame Oil. A marinade is definitely necessary to help it come together properly, but most recipes call for a little oil. that is either prepared from sesame seeds or oil.

Rice Puffs

These are great for breakfast as well as a healthy snack. The best way to prepare these is by using rice vinegar, some egg white, a little sugar, cornstarch, and milk. The mixture is poured into a pan and cooked until the rice puffs up and turns opaque. Then you can serve it with a few slices of cheese. The best thing about these is that they don’t have to be as sweet as regular pancakes as some recipes may call for.

Hot Dog Wrap

These are easy Chinese recipes that are fast and delicious. All you need is a sausage that has been cured and you can get a hot dog wrap done in a matter of minutes. Simply get the sausage, some cornflakes, some barbecue sauce, and a little Mayo and some lettuce leaves and a little mustard dressing on top and you’re all set!

Chinese Noodles

Chinese noodles are usually served either with meats or without. The noodles themselves are thin, so they are easily stir-fried. and there is a variety of ways to cook them.

What You Might Miss When Doing Easy Chinese Recipes?


This is similar to the “steamed rice” and is usually made a little bit different. Make sure that you do not overlook this ingredient. All you do is soak a block of tofu in water and then add a little salt to it. That is enough to make a thin layer of tofu. Then you place the tofu in a pan and put some hot water.

Add about a cup of water and cover the tofu and then place it in the center of the stove for about ten minutes. Once you see it is steaming, you can add your ingredients and then continue to cook the tofu in the water. When it is ready, you just cut it and serve it. It’s usually a tasty snack or a good meal to take on a busy day.

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