The Dietary Culture Of Asia: An Overview


Asia is one of the largest continents in the world that comprises enormous cultural diversity. Asia even comprises individuals from various races and cultural backgrounds. Starting from Aryans to Dravidians, there are many races that have their own cultural beliefs and practices. The Dietary Culture of Asia also has its eating habits.

Every race also has unique cuisine styles that contain many dishes and food items. The vast racial diversity of the continent accounts for the different dietary culture of Asia. The changing scenarios and evolutions also account for the various dietary culture of Asia.

The Dietary Culture Of Asia: An Overview
The Dietary Culture of Asia: An Overview

Eating Accessories And Utensils Asia–A Part of the Dietary Culture of Asia

Eating accessories and utensils also hold an essential position in the dietary culture of Asia. With race and religion, these things change. 

› Many races in Asia, such as Indians, prefer to use their hands while eating rather than any spoons. Even people of the Middle East also eat with their hands rather than with spoons and forks. Some pole eats with their right hand while some eat with their left hand. They even prefer to sit on the floor while eating rather than on a table and chairs. They use a mat or small stool while eating. 

› They even use utensils made of brass rather than other materials. They also use a common central plate or bowl while eating. 

› However, people in other regions such as China prefer to use chopsticks while eating. In particular, they have soup and rice food items. While in different areas, people use a knife, forks, and spoons while eating. This trend, primarily found in the European area. They even prefer finger bowls to wash their hands before and after food. 

The Dietary Culture Of Asia: An Overview
The Dietary Culture Of Asia: An Overview

Staple Food- A Part of the Dietary Culture of Asia

One of the essential elements that form the part of the staple foods. Every region of the continent has its staple food. Every race and religion also has unique staple food. 

› People of India, China, Japan, etc. have rice as their staple food. The specific region of the continent also has lentils and wheat as their staple food. In most places on the continent, rice and wheat are the staple food of the people. 

› Other nomadic groups of the continent also have various grains as their staple food. Their staple food also contains meat and milk. In the desert region, they have dates and fruits as their staple food. Certain groups also have noodles as their staple food. 

Religion and Diet – A Part of Asia

Religion also plays a crucial role in the dietary cultures of Asia. Many people do not eat pork while they do not prefer beef. All these dietary elements account for their religion. Many groups even prefer not to eat many vegetables as well due to their religious beliefs. 

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