The 10 Healthiest Foods From Asia: Asian Food


It’s not a secret that Asian food is one of the most diverse and exciting cuisines out there. There’s a blend of similarity yet a unique distinguishing feature of foods from different Asian countries. Asian food is also much more healthy as compared to the food available in the West. One will not find the usual fat, dairy, or additives in Asian cuisine. Asian food also stands out because of the varieties and spices used in the menu. Here are some of the healthiest Asian dishes. The flavors that you will try in Asian food are unique and interesting. So, you’ll like tasteful and delicious delicacies.

Vegetable Fried Rice

The 10 Healthiest Foods From Asia
The 10 Healthiest Foods From Asia

While it doesn’t sound as exciting or exotic as other Asian food, vegetable fried rice is a staple in many Asian countries. All the states have their versions and twists to it. Even in countries like India, where rice is a significant carbohydrate resource, fried is popular.

Vietnamese Pho

Essentially, pho is an Asian dish that is noodles and soup. Usually, the broth is meat-based, and the entire plate has many vegetables. Pho has an alternative, tofu. Pho is rich in proteins and low fat. This makes pho a great energizing food and at the same time, has sufficient nutritional value. Typically, people eat pho for breakfast, which is a great way to start the day.

Thai Green Curry

Asian food outside Asia is not as spicy and flavorful as it is in Asia. Similar to the Thai green curry. The Asian food is of sources of protein like chicken along with vegetables and with chilies. Usually, this curry with rice and other main dishes. It’s not too filling but just enough. It also has coconut milk, which gives it an additional flavor.

Asian Food Condiments And Snacks

Unlike in the western countries where most people snack on junk food, in Asian cuisine, there are healthier options available. In terms of condiments, westerners rely on ketchup and mayonnaise or other sauces, high in sugar. Contrarily, Asian foods condiments include pastes and sauces made from natural foods, like vegetables and spices. Even in terms of snacking, Asian cuisine highlights eating nuts and fruits instead of chips and biscuits. It actively eliminates preservatives and unhealthy sugar in one’s diet.

Asian Food: Japanese Or Korean Sushi

The 10 Healthiest Foods From Asia: Asian Food
The 10 Healthiest Foods From Asia

When you look at sushi, it is one of the healthiest Asian food out there. Primarily made out of rice and raw fish, it’s seafood that lacks preservatives. The nutritional value of the ingredients in sushi through the cooking process. There are vegetarian alternatives for sushi also available. It’s not bland food either, as people use wasabi and soy sauce to add spice and flavor.

Asian Food: Stir Fry

Stir fry, as the name implies, is a straightforward and fun way to eat vegetables. It is also popular amongst Asian foods because it requires minimal cooking and thereby retains its nutritional value. When you stir fry vegetables, it even remains crunchy. Different sauces like soy, ginger or chili and garlic, to add depth to the flavor of the stir fry vegetables.

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