Indian Food Dishes You Have To Try Once In Life

indian food dishes

Among the other cuisines of the world, Indian Cuisine stands out for its diversity and finger-licking taste that offers something to everyone. Indian food dishes are popular all around the globe. There are lots of dishes in Indian cuisine that can be prepared for every occasion. Indian cuisine has a lot to offer on many different occasions. Indian cuisine is not only tasty, but it is also healthy. The unique approaches are used for flavoring and aroma of Indian dishes.

Uniqueness Of Indian Food Dishes

One can always find uniqueness in Indian food dishes. The factors that set Indian dishes apart from other food dishes are its diversity, complexity, inconsistency, and spices. There are many diverse cultures in India, and this diversity is reflected in the cuisine. Comparatively, some Indian food dishes take a lot of time to prepare and can be complex. The tastes of Indian food in the different regions are inconsistent, and this inconsistency makes it unique. Spices are the life of dishes. They make recipes delicious.

Popular Indian Food Dishes

Take Indian food dishes, the list is way too long. Among them, the most popular dishes are Murg Makhani, Tandoori Chicken, Chole, and Palak Paneer. Murg Makhani is mostly ordered with Naan, and it is one of the delicious dishes of Indian cuisine. This dish is prepared by mixing common ingredients such as tomato puree, butter, onion, chicken stock, ginger, and many more.

Yogurt is used to marinate the chicken, and it adds rich flavor to the dish. Tandoori Chicken is one of the famous barbecue chicken recipes in India. Chole is the chickpea curry that is served with poori, and it is a favorite recipe for people in the Northern part of India. The spices that are added to the chickpea curry makes it uniquely delicious. Palak Paneer is a healthy Indian dish that has spinach and cottage cheese. The typical Indian spices are used to prepare Palak Paneer.

Spices In Indian Dishes

The spices of the Indian food dishes are not only used in the form of powder, but they are also added in its whole form. Consider the popular Indian dish Biryani. You will see whole spices in it that add a lovely aroma to the dish. There are many spices, and each spice adds a distinct and unique flavor to the dish. Even the herbs are added in the Indian dishes, and the combination of herbs and spices makes the dish stand out. The feature that makes the spices of Indian dishes stand out is that they are prepared at home, unlike other countries where people use only pre-mixed spices.


The Indian food dishes offer many flavors to people that are unique in themselves. India has a history of rich and diverse cultures, and the evidence is its food dishes. You can explore India and would find different Indian dishes way different from the previous location you had your last dish. It starts with Butter Chicken in the North to the Dosa and Sambhar to the South. It has flavorful dishes in its cuisine to offer to everyone of any background.

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