Indian Dishes That Indians Actually Eat

India is famous for its cuisines, and its dishes are great to taste. There are so many different types of food that are available in India. Also, every state of India is famous for its particular food. For example, paranthas are renowned in Punjab, dosa and idli are eminent in the south, dhokla is popular in Gujarat, etc. There is just so much from India that people love.

Moreover, these Indian foods are not only famous in India but globally as well. People from across the globe love to taste Indian dishes and their spices. Generally, Indian food is categorized as spicy food. So, here are some of the world-renowned food of India that are listed below.

Indian Dishes That Indian People Actually Eat
Indian Dishes That Indian People Actually Eat

Biryani- Indian Dishes

The number one on our list is the biryani. It is a famous dish from India, which is known globally. This is a rice dish generally made with chicken or mutton. Also, the derivatives of this food are chicken biryani and mutton biryani. The origin is from Persia and was introduced in India by the Mughals.


Next on our list is the south Indian dish, dosa. The invention of this superfood is dated to the fifth century in the southern part of India. Moreover, this dish has an extra thin layer, which is very similar to a pancake; in fact, it is compared to pancake. The batter of dosa is made from rice and seeds. The internal stuffing of dosa is done with potatoes, onion, and tomatoes.

You will find out that it does not include eggs or sugar, as is the case with pancakes.

Momos- Indian Dishes

Momos are small size dumplings, which are very popular in Indian street food. You will find a momos vendor on every corner of Indian roads. The origin of momos is traced to Nepal, which is a neighboring country of India. And very soon it got spread to India and China.

Momos are usually steamed or fried. They can be filled with cabbage and vegetables or even meat. They are generally consumed with spicy chutney. Furthermore, these are ready-to-eat snacks that are very popular throughout India.

Tandoori Chicken

Tandoori chicken is not just known in India but globally. Hence, when people hear the name Tandoori, they relate it to India. This is a technique in which chicken is cooked in special Indian ovens made exclusively for cooking tandoori dishes. Furthermore, these ovens are heated with the help of coals, in contrast to modern ones that run on electricity.

Indian Dishes That Indian People Actually Eat
Indian Dishes That Indian People Actually Eat

Dhokla- Indian Dishes

Dhokla is a dish from the Indian state of Gujarat. It is an Indian cake packed with nutrition and health. It comes under the snacks category in food. Dhokla is made from fermented Bengal gram flour. Also, it is a fluffy yellow cake. However, it does not contain any sugar, eggs, or butter.

Dhoklas are seasoned with coriander. Thus, people generally prefer to have it with sweet chutney. It is one of the most popular Indian snacks. Moreover, it is not just enjoyed in Gujarat but throughout the country.