Different Asian Noodles Dish


China offers exquisite things in every sector. Similarly, noodles are their addition to the food industry. We use mostly wheat or rice flours in preparing noodles. Noodles are the favorite dish all over the globe. There are various ways to prepare a noodle dish. Besides, there are diverse shapes of this foodstuff. You can even prepare the noodles at home in unique shapes. The rice noodles add a glow to the skin because of the starch content. These can last for a relatively long time. Thus, the Asian sub-continent comes with different Asian Noodles Dish to savor your appetite.

Sometimes, noodles are the secondary ingredient. These are a perfect string type of stuff that decorates other food items. Besides, there are diverse sauces to enhance the taste of the noodles. You can add vegetables and meat to this food item. 

Different Asian Noodles Dish: The Top Ones
Different Asian Noodles Dish: The Top Ones

Some of the most popular and delicious Asian noodle dishes are:

Yaki Udon – A Different Asian Noodles Dish

This is the authentic Japanese variant of noodles. Udon noodles are thick and sticky ones. Fry the boiled noodles in butter and soya sauce. This adds to the crispiness of the noodles. Add herbs, chili flakes, and seaweeds to this noodle. Besides, you can also opt for spring onions or shallots at the top. Thus, a hot plate of Yaki Udon and cold beer is a perfect combination.

Chicken Laksa- Another Different Asian Noodles Dish

This is a Malaysian noodle dish, which comes with authentic flavors. Besides, there are also many variants of noodles. The recipe is of gravy noodle type. Thus stir fry the boiled noodles first and add them to the creamy sauce. Sip and slurp the noodles with the thick gravy. The gravy is of shrimp paste, coconut milk, broth, and herbs. Many spices are also a part of the dish. Serve this with lemongrass to add to the fragrance.

Traditional Beef Pho

This is an authentic Vietnamese cuisine with beef pieces. Besides, you require beef legs, skin, bones, and knuckles for the dish. Cardamom, star anise, peppercorn, etc. are essential for proper fragrance. Boil the rice noodles and add the beef and the broth. You can also add sprouts, onion, garlic, basil, and different sauces. Always serve this hot to relish the taste.

Different Asian Noodles Dish: The Top Ones
Different Asian Noodles Dish: The Top Ones


This is a sweet variant of noodles and Korean cuisine. Besides, people prefer this dish during New Year and Harvest Festivals. You can use any vegetables as per your taste. Meat and eggs also go well with the noodles. 

Vegetable Noodles

This is a traditional Chinese dish, where vegetables are an essential part. Besides fry the boiled rice noodles with a dry gravy of vegetables. Toss the noodle in sauce and ingredients and add seasonings on top.

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