Chinese Green Bean Recipes - Chinese Green Bean Recipe

Chinese Green Bean Recipes

Chinese green beans are something that we undeniably love, and it adds taste to anything we add to. Not to forget that it is incredibly healthy, and children should have it for immunity boosting purposes. If you know how to make it correctly, it will be the perfect side dish. But even if you do not, there is no need for worry. Today we are going to mention the best Chinese green bean recipe so that the results are mouth-watering, and you can get the ultimate satisfaction after cooking. Keep on reading to know about the various dishes that you can come up with, and you will not have to look back. 

Green Bean Recipe To Try- Chinese Green Bean Recipe

It is important to prepare the green beans and make sure that you wash and dry them properly. It is important because you will be putting the dry beans into the hot oil, and it might start splattering if it is not dry enough. You can also try to put the green beans inside a salad spinner and dry it in the air for about 30 minutes. You can take a narrow bottom container and start to grind the beans in the oil of your choice.

Green beans do not take much time, so that it will be done in about 2 minutes. If you want, you can put some herbs and spices to make it even tastier. It can be oregano, thyme, or Rosemary, and you have to put a little bit of garlic paste, salt, and pepper to add to the list. Add all the ingredients before frying the green beans to bring out the flavor.  The dish is ready to serve Indian main course dishes like jeera rice and even Tibetian dishes like momo. 

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Chinese Green Bean Recipes

Spicy Chinese Sichuan Green Beans

If you want an easy side dish, there can be nothing better than the Sichuan green beans. It is a side dish that is easy to make and will not take much time as well. It is important to dry fry the beans so that there is a texture that has been in hot oil for a long time. The cooking time is only 10 minutes, and it incorporates ingredients like soy sauce, wok, chili garlic paste, and rice vinegar. 

First, you have to start with putting the canola oil in the wok and put the heat on medium-high Flame. Then you have to add the green beans and saute them for about 3 to 5 minutes. When the skin of the beans start wrinkling, you can add the chili garlic paste, green onions, garlic, and then cook it for 30 seconds. Next, you have to add vinegar sugar water and chili flakes. It will take an additional 2 minutes to cook, and when the liquid is completely dry, it is ready to serve with some sesame seeds on top. 

Chinese Green Bean Recipes
Chinese Green Bean Recipes

Now that you know about two of the most interesting ways in which you can cook Chinese beans, start right away! It is going to be a very hassle-free side dish for the day to day meals. 

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