Chinese Cuisine

Chinese Cuisine

China is famous for its authentic cuisine. Traditionally it has eight different types of cuisine, which are famous worldwide — the Chinese cuisine elements aroma, appearance, and taste. The people focus more on the taste of food and its colors.

Chinese Cuisine
Chinese Cuisine

Chinese Cuisine: Best Recipes To Try At Home


If you are planning to make a quick snack for your kid, then you can try noodles. Noodles are the favorite Chinese cuisine of people around the world. It only takes fifteen minutes to prepare the recipe for two.

Ingredients Required To Prepare

One teaspoon of vegetable oil

One cup of sliced onion

Two small packets of noodles

One sliced pepper

One cup of sliced spring onions and carrots

One cup of julienne carrot

Half lettuce (You can choose either romaine or lettuce)

One tablespoon of ginger garlic paste

Half teaspoon of turmeric powder

One tablespoon each of soy sauce and Schezwan sauce

One tablespoon of chopped coriander

One teaspoon of sugar

One tablespoon of lemon juice

One teaspoon of vinegar

Step By Step Preparation

Step One

Firstly, take the noodles in boiling water and cook it. It is better to follow the instructions in the package. Once it is cooled, drain and cool it by running it in water. Always add some drops of oil to avoid the noodles from sticking to each other.

Step Two

Take a skillet or a wok and heat the oil until it reaches the smoking point. Next, add the vegetables like chopped onions, coriander, pepper, carrot, spring onion, and mushrooms. Finally, add the ginger garlic chili paste to the veggies.

Step Three

Take a small bowl and add soy sauce, Schwezan sauce, turmeric, and sugar. Mix everything. Add the prepared sauce to the veggies and mix well.

Step Four

The final step is to add the boiled noodles to the veggies and toss them. Once everything mixes, add seasonings. Serve it hot with crushed peanuts, coriander leaves, and lime juice.

Szechwan Chilli Chicken Recipe

Chinese Cuisine
Chinese Cuisine

Chilli chicken recipes are a delight to everyone. It is usually everyone’s favorite. The Chinese Szechwan chicken recipe is simple, and you can make it for dinner.

Ingredients Required

Fifteen to sixteen pieces of boneless chicken

Chopped spring onions

Chopped dry chilies (make sure to remove the seeds)

Three tablespoons of chopped ginger

Three tablespoons of brown and green peppercorns

One teaspoon of Ajinomoto

Two teaspoons of white pepper

Two teaspoons of chili oil

One a tablespoon of black vinegar

Pinch of salt

Step By Step Preparation

Firstly, add oil in a pan and add chopped ginger. Then add the pieces of boneless chicken to it. Fry them together until it turns golden. Remove the excess oil and let it rest.

Add all the veggies like the green and brown peppercorns spring onions and garlic in a pan and mix it for about five minutes. Then add the spices like salt, white pepper powder, Ajinomoto, and chili oil. Don’t forget to add the chili peppers.

Mix it for ten minutes and add the black vinegar. Fry it by stirring for ten minutes, add green chilies as seasonings. You can serve it hot.

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