Chinese Cooking: How to Cook Asian Food

Tips for Cooking Chinese Food

To begin with, the Chinese cooking technique is leading the nation. It is very much evident with now, and then we can see Chinese food outlets in every co. People find a unique taste in Chinese food. Therefore they try preparing the food delicacies in their home as well whenever they get the chance. Not only Chinese Asian food has a broad fan base in the entire globe. From Australia o the US and Asian food court is a common element.

The way they prepare their food is unique. The Asian food consists of several food preparations of both vegetables as well as non-vegetables. Therefore let us have a quick sneak peek into the Asian cooking method, to try them out in home-

1. Chinese Cooking Method, Some General Principles Focusing On Chinese Form Of Cooking:

There are three general principles which followed by the Chinese chefs, they are-

  • Try varying the vegetables and the meat items in a dish to bring out the variety of flavor one seeks in their delicacies. According to the Chinese custom, one must find balance and harmony in every aspect, including real food.
  • As per this principle, the fresher the item the best the taste of the item. Always try choosing fresh ingredients.
  • Always, prepare the ingredients before going on with the cooking method is the third principle of cooking Chinese food. This step includes steps such as cleaning and washing the meat and keeping it marinated for some time in case of vegetable, washing, and cleaning of vegetables, then cutting them down.
How to Cook Asian Food: Chinese Cooking
How to Cook Asian Food

2. The Most Important; Equipment To Cook:

  • To start with, A wok is a best and fine equipment for Chinese cooking. If you are looking forward to cooking and experimenting with some Chinese delicacies in your home environment, then purchase a wok first.
  • The second most not so important cooking tool for preparing Chinese food is cleaver though you might not need to use the cleaver every time.
  • The third in this equipment list is a frying pan. A frying pan is a must for going for a stir-frying method.

3. Chinese Cooking: Tips For Preparing Vegetables:

Preparing the vegetable for Chinese delicacy is a time-consuming process. However, this time, investment is worth the taste. If you are looking for cooking green leafy vegetables, cut and wash it. After that, keep it aside for a time. This will give time to strain down the water. Therefore it will be helpful while stir-frying it.

In the case of cooking vegetables, after cutting washing them, keep the freshly cut vegetables in cooking. Just make sure never mix the chopped vegetables up, for different vegetables contains a different duration of cooking.

4. Tips For Stir Frying Vegetable:

When you are going for a stir-frying technique, always cook the hard vegetables for a longer time. The soft vegetables take lesser time to get fry. Vegetables such as broccoli, carrot takes a longer period to get soft while frying. On the other hand, bean sprout gets fries easily because of being soft.

If you are doubtful in this context, one must go or stir-frying every freshly cut vegetable separate. Always avoid overcooking.

How to Cook Asian Food: Chinese Cooking
How to Cook Asian Food

5. Meat, And Fish Cooking Tips:

Last but not least, Try marinating the meat and fish after they have gone through the washing process. If one marination requires the application of corn starch in it, always apply it at last, for it always acts as a binder. Try cutting beef across the grain, for it makes it soft and tender. With a uniform cut edge, makes the meat gets evenly cooked. Make sure the wok is hot before adding poultry or meat in the pot.

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