Chinese Chicken Food Recipes And Its Preparation

Chinese Chicken Food Recipes And Its Preparation

Chinese cuisine is a cuisine loved by most people around the world. Different people in different countries may even add their touch to Chinese dishes. However, the overall flavor of the food remains as it is. Typical tastes in Chinese cooking are cabbage, carrots, pepper, garlic, and ginger. Chinese food recipes chicken, as we know it today, is a mix of the food habits of six regions of China, namely Sichuan (where Szechwan comes from), Canton, Hunan, Hakka, Mandarin, and Zhejiang. While most of these regions inculcate red meats more than white meat, i.e., chicken, Chinese chicken food is something that most eat, since a lot of people choose not to eat meats other than chicken. Here are some Chinese chicken recipes which indeed present authentic Chinese flavors.

The Best Chinese Chicken Recipes

#1 Szechwan or Sichuan Chilli Chicken

Sichuan is the region where you get the hot, fiery, and spicy food. Hence, the first dish on our list of Chinese chicken dishes is chili chicken that comes from here. On the palate, it is a bright-colored mix of green, white and brown peppercorns with chicken, cooked well using oriental spices.

#2 Sweet & Sour Chicken

This Chinese chicken recipe culminates in a brownish color on the plate. As the name suggests, the flavors are slightly sweet and slightly sour, making this dish lovely for cooking and eating in the winters. The chicken in the recipe is accompanied by carrots and cabbage, healthy vegetables.

#3 Diced Chicken In Black Bean Sauce

Chinese Chicken Food Recipes And Its Preparation
Chinese Chicken Food Recipes And Its Preparation

This Chinese chicken dish is a top hit during family gatherings as well as brunches with your friends if you decide to host them in your home. Diced chicken in black bean sauce does not require a lot of ingredients and is quick and straightforward to prepare.

#4 Chicken Szechuan Style

Another popular dish from the Sichuan region; however, this Chinese chicken dish is not very spicy. The meal itself has a wondrous aroma, and the flavor is utterly delectable.

#5 Stir-Fried Chilli Chicken

There are so many varieties of chili chicken that choosing one as your favorite would do injustice to all the other amazing flavors of the same. Stir-fried chili chicken is merely chicken stir-fried with peppers and chilies, leading to a taste you won’t forget.

#6 Ginger Garlic Chicken

Another stir-fried Chinese chicken recipe, this one is fantastic for you if you love garlic. All you do is stir fry the chicken in a garlic paste, which will be given to you in the recipe. This is a great starter dish for dinner parties if you plan to host one.

#7 Chinese Food Recipes Chicken: Asian BBQ Chicken

Barbeque chicken is a dish famous all over the world. The difference between the rest of the world as China is that in China, we use char siu sauce with honey and vinegar to prepare the marinade for the chicken. Once done, this Chinese chicken dish will have a golden color and delectable flavor.

#8 Chicken Manchurian

Chinese Chicken Food Recipes And Its Preparation
Chinese Chicken Food Recipes And Its Preparation

Made using a mix of vegetables (such as bell peppers), soy sauce, and chicken, Manchurian is possibly one of the most frequently ordered Chinese chicken dishes in restaurants. It can be eaten with rice, or as it is, making it another great dish to serve at dinner parties.

#9 Chinese Food Recipes Chicken: Chicken With Chestnuts

Chicken with chestnuts is flavorful, and a healthy combination, for its mix of vegetables such as radish, lettuce, capsicum and mushrooms. This Chinese Chicken Dish is made in a blend of soy sauce and fish sauce.

#10 Chinese Food Recipes Chicken: Cantonese Chicken Soup

To prepare Cantonese chicken soup, chop up all your vegetables into small bits, and then add them to chicken stock. Cantonese chicken soup is an authentic Chinese chicken dish.

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