Best Street Foods World


In To The Street Foods World

The Street foods world appeals to many people (my self included) due to it’s ‘authentic’ vibe. In many countries (specifically Asia), we have found street food to be considerably better than the restaurant food, possibly due to the fast turnaround time.

 The price of street food is attractive to many, too. Without the overheads of paying for a load of staff, a restaurant space, building maintenance, and all the other costs of owning a restaurant; prices are generally significantly lower than restaurant food.

There are a bunch of anecdotes and studies (sorry not sure of any specifics to link to right now) that suggest food poisoning rates are lower at street food vendors in a lot of cases. It could be due to the food being fresh each day and not having a restaurant space to hold onto excess ‘old’ food for too long. Also, a lot of street food is fried or cooked very hot, which can help kill off any bacteria.

Best Street Foods Around the World
Best Street Foods Around the World

The Preferred Street Food World

It’s cheap, and it usually represents the best of local cuisine. To the locals, they provide the much needed cheap meal, especially for those having no proper kitchen or time to cook. To the visitors or tourists, they give the authentic taste of local cuisine, something that almost impossible to recreate in the modern french kitchen of the restaurants.

 Some street foods are even the preserver of local food culture, as they can sustain their business for over 30-40 years, with the family recipe passed down from one generation to another. Hence, the street food world is preferred.

Which Country Leads In The Street Foods World?

India is well known in the street food world. Chaat is India’s most recognized roadside food here. It is the sign of the soul of our towns and cities. And many of our metros and towns as well. Street food often follows inherited social customs and survives in an infinite variety.

When it comes to street food, India is one of the best places for that. Some of the more popular street food dishes are golgappa, vada pav, Bhelpuri, Sev puri, Aloo Tikki, samosa, rolls, Pav bhaji, etc. Most of the street food sellers maintain very high-quality food hygienes and keeping clean surrounding areas.

Best Street Foods Around the World
Best Street Foods Around the World

Everyone is not born with a silver spoon for them to have costly and expensive restaurant food every time. According to people as soon they enter the market (bazar), they feel that the smell and taste in street food isn’t getting in all restaurants

Street food have their feeling and identities, few of dishes have a signature, those are the street food world sellers they don’t have the finances to start a hotel or restaurants, so they sell their food as Street food. To say street foods are best for evening chats time. We can have street foods like chats once or twice in a week. It tastes good. But never a habit of eating street foods daily, which is not at all suitable for health.

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