Best Asian Food Recipes To Prepare


Asian food is often a favorite of many people. Ingredients like garlic, rice, ginger, sesame seeds, soy, etc. are all descriptive of Asian foods. Japanese cuisine like tofu, sushi fall under Asian foods. If you are looking for an Asian dinner to cook at home, then these recipes can be perfect.

Best Asian Food Recipes To Prepare
Best Asian Food Recipes To Prepare

Best Asian Food To Cook For Dinner

Vietnamese Dumplings

Ingredients To Prepare Vietnamese Dumplings

500grams of minced pork

Two finely chopped shallots

Two minced cloves of garlic

Two minced ginger

One green chili

Pinch of salt

Two tablespoons of chopped and soaked black fungus

25grams of coriander leaves

One teaspoon of pepper

Two tablespoons of oil

One tablespoon of cornflour



Thinly sliced cucumber

Step By Step Preparation Method

Step One

Firstly, take a bowl and pour black fungus, pork, garlic, chili, shallots, coriander, pepper, and salt. Mix it. Then take a walk and heat oil. Add the pork mixture in it and fry it for five minutes. Wait until it cooks appropriately and then cools it.

Step Two

Take a bowl of water and mix in the cornflour. Use your finger to line the cornflour mixture around the edges of the wrappers.

Step Three

Take the pork mixture and place it on the wrapper in the shape of a sausage. Then, roll the wrapper and press the edges. Use up all the pork mixture in as many wrappers.

Step Four

Finally, boil the wrapped for five or six minutes you til the dumplings cook. You can serve it hot. For a side dish, use a dipping sauce and garnish it with cucumber sticks and shallots.

Best Asian Foods: Grilled Fish

Best Asian Food Recipes To Prepare
Best Asian Food Recipes To Prepare

Grilled fish with sesame oil is the best recipe to prepare for an Asian dinner.

Ingredients To Prepare Grilled Fish

10ml of sesame oil

200grams of fish fillet

Two grams of sugar

One gram of salt

30ml of rice vinegar

Raw garlic

Five grams of fresh chopped red chili

Chopped coriander leaves

Step by Step Preparation Method

Step One

Firstly, take the fillet fish and marinate it with sesame oil, sugar, and fish sauce. Mix it properly and keep it for fifteen to twenty minutes. After that, grill the fillet fish until it cooks.

Step Two

Next, for dressing boil a mixture of sugar, salt, and rice vinegar along with garlic for a few minutes.

Step Three

Next, turn down the heat and add chopped coriander and red chili. Finally, you can serve the grilled fish with Asian sauce on it.

Famous Asian Foods For Dinner

Asian foods consist of a variety of cuisines from various countries. Korean cuisine is one of the Asian foods, among others. The unique and bold flavors with a variety of spices and seafood make excellent Asian foods. Ingredients like sesame oil, pepper paste, scallions, etc. are best and common. Various other cuisines like Chinese cuisine, Cantonese cuisine, etc. are famous in Pan Asian foods. Kung pao chicken, delicious dumplings, fries, and other low-calorie recipes are outstanding and best Asian foods to prepare for dinner. If you want to find out more about Asian foods, you can go visit this great article.

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