Barbecuing Traditions From Around the World


Barbecuing is a traditional word for many cultures in America. Kansas City, North Carolina, Texas, and Memphis are four states that made an impactful display of barbecue tradition in the world map. However, barbecue tradition exists all over the world now. Well, from ancient times, until some recent media contact, those barbecue traditions are experiencing some highlights these days. Moreover, the American barbecue style is unique in its way.

Additionally, nothing gets appealing like a plate of chicken or ribs. However, as I said, the barbecue tradition is revolving around the world. Therefore, let us take a look at the barbecue nations all around the world-

Barbecuing Traditions From Around the World
Barbecuing Traditions From Around the World

Some Barbecuing Around The Corners Of The World:

Let us begin with the American barbecue. Since we are from this country, we will take a look at this tradition from Indians. We do love having a barbecue night, especially during the summer seasons. But we may also prefer having it during day time too. Although the day time celebration can be a big one. However, the night has its essence. We might just have grilled steak and a glass of red wine. Furthermore, having light music, with your kids and spouse, will thus be a memorable night. On the other hand, you can also call upon the neighbor to add some special gossip through the night. Therefore, the actual method is to cook the meat in the open flame for hours and enjoy the time. 

Now let us take a look at the Korean barbecue. Korea is a country of heritage. Therefore, they can also get wild traditions tagged with it. However, there is some twist about barbecuing in Korea. They usually grill the meat along with the added vegetables in a small grill. Additionally, there is a wide range of side dishes. Moreover, they have some options for dips to dunk the meat and eat. But the accompaniments of the dips leave out the seasoning option in Korean Barbecue. 

We will also have a look at the Japanese Barbecue. The Japanese barbecue comes with a unique name. The locals call it Japanese ‘Yakitori.’ This name defines a wide variety of food options. For instance, the barbecue consists of both vegetables and meat options. 

Barbecuing Traditions From Around the World
Barbecuing Traditions From Around the World

Let Us Take Some More Look At The Other Countries:

The Brazilian Churrasco is the next in this list. The ones who visited the Tropical country knows the best of this food. However, they even know the art of preparing and seasoning the meat. However, the name of this special barbecue looks similar to the meat of Thanksgiving. 

The Filipino Lechon is the next in this category. However, its name is Spanish. Besides, the recipe was imported to the Philippines during the battle time. Hence, this dish comes with roasted pork in this food idea. 

The last but not the least is the Indian Tandoori. It has some essence in the country. However, the Persians are the ones who introduced this food in this country. The Indians crave for this dish on any occasion. Therefore, this recipe is a hit there. 

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